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380x180Rabbeinu Bachya ibn Paquda penned Duties of the Heart in the latter part of the 11th Century, yet this work remains a classic presentation of the deepness of what it means to be a Torah-person! Written originally in Arabic, translated into Hebrew and much later into English, this book of Ten Essential Gates in serving and living for Hashem presents Torah-Truth with Rabbeinu Bachya’s unique foolproof logic and timeless teaching style.

In this special offering of 12 DVDs in a nice case, you receive 24 30-minute episodes of Shmuel “Sam” Peak teaching a little of the first gate of Rabbeinu Bachya’s Torat Chovot Levavot (the Torah of the Duties of the Heart). These lessons were first taught and broadcast over the popular Torah-teaching website of Universal Torah ( The normal retail for these 12 DVDs (1-12) is over $140 – get them now for the low price of $100 plus a small shipping & handling fee.