The Way of G-d / Derech Hashem is a major respected work by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto.
Sam is using the version translated and annotated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan in these classes.

Lesson Six covers pg(s) 75-87

The Spiritual Realm

The physical realm and the spiritual realm.

The physical is that which we experience with our senses, and this in turn is divided into the terrestrial and the celestial. The celestial includes such heavenly bodies as the stars and their plants. The terrestrial includes everything in the lowest sphere; the earth, water, and atmosphere, and every detectable thing they contain.

What exists and happens in the physical realm is a “mere” copy of the spiritual realm.

The existence and state of being of the physical universe thus emanate from these highest Forces and are dependent upon them. Whatever exist in the physical world is a result of something that takes place among the highest Forces. This is true of both what existed in the beginning and what transpires with the present and the future of time.

Good and evil on earth are rooted in good and evil in the spiritual realm.

The Essence of a state of good is when a Force has the capacity to be illuminated by the Light of G-d’s Presence. The opposite state is that which lacks this capacity, and where this Light is therefore withheld from a given Force.

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