The Way of G-d / Derech Hashem is a major respected work by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto.
Sam is using the version translated and annotated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan in these classes.

Lesson Eight covers pg(s) 109-117

Individual Providence pt. A

Tests and trails: one’s station in life is their opportunity for spiritual growth. HaShem’s Wisdom determined every possible quality that can be included within the limits of the nature that mankind must have in order to fulfillĀ  their ultimate purpose. HaShem then brought into existence all these qualities, together with their causes, effects, and everything that surrounds and accompanies them, decreeing that they should be able to exist in mankind.

The challenges that one faces are designed specifically for the individual. Thus, every individual has their own challenge in the battle of an, Evil Urge (yetzer ha-ra). This is their assignment and responsibility in this world, and within its framework they must strive for success.

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