The Way of G-d / Derech Hashem is a major respected work by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto.
Sam is using the version translated and annotated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan in these classes.

Lesson Seventeen covers pg(s) 161-171

Among the things that we must realize is that the entire procedure and system of G-d’s Providence involves the fairest possible rule of justice. The Psalmist thus sad to HaShem (Tehillim 45:7), “The scepter of Your Kingdom is a scepter of fairness.” It is likewise written (Mishlei 29:4), “The King sustains the land with justice.”

We know, however, that HaShem desires only to do good, and loves His handiwork as a father loves his children. As a result of this very love, however, a father might often find it necessary to discipline his children for their ultimate good. The same is true of G-d, as the Torah states (Devarim 8:5), “As a father disciplines his child, so G-d disciplines you.”

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