For those of you that would like to join the UniversalTorah channel and already own a Roku device instructions are below:

How do I add “UTN” channel to my Roku account? Type in the URL bar:
Sign in to your Roku account and add “utn” channel

At the present time we are posting the shows from the Shmuel “Sam” Peak TV days. These teachings alone will help you with your daily walk with HaShem. We will post other teachings in the near future.

Additionally, Shmuel’s Thursday Night Live teaching are available to view on our Roku UTN channel free of charge.

What is Roku?

It is an opportunity for you and your family to sit and relax in your home watching “Torah” via your television. How is this possible? You will need a “Roku” device connected to your television and linked to your Wi-Fi (Internet ) connection. What Internet connection do you need? You will need a high-speed internet connection with a speed of at least 1.2 Mbps (such as mid-level DSL). You will need a wired or wireless router, depending on the “Roku” model. There are many channels (over 400) to choose from on the Roku device, including Netflix and rental libraries, Hulu and 100s of channels and sub-channels of every subject imaginable.

Where can I purchase a Roku?

The best local selection is at your local “Sam’s Club” warehouse. Fry’s, Wallmart and other retailers also carry the devices. Sam’s has the best deal, as it is the top end model, with several freebies, including an HDMI connector cable. You can also visit (free shipment). The device we recommend is “Roku 2 XD” it provides “Best HD video” viewing. Cost $79.99. The “Roku 2 XS” provides “Best HD” viewing plus motion control for games and Ethernet port and USB port. Cost $99.99. We higlly recommend you visit their website and study the specifications that will meet your need best. An entry level device is available for as little as $49.00.

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