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Read the weekly Parsha / Torah reading along with Sam Peak.

What is Torah? Is Torah solely the first Five Books of the Bible? Is Torah the “mystical” writings of G-d? Is Torah the final “Word” to Israel and the nations? Or is the “Bible” for the Jews only?

When an individual hears the word “Torah”, they immediately think of the Jewish Traditions only!

How small of a box do we live-in? Where does one think the teachings of the Prophets and others that taught after and between the Prophets?

Did we forget G-d! This Universe is not limited to the “laws” of mankind.

Jews, Bnei Noach, and others continue to read and study in depth the “Words” of the Tanach on a consistent cycle every year. Learning and sharing the same “Words” and thoughts past on from generation to the next generation.

This “Word” is what formed the Universe of today. Not a Universe of the “Old Testament, nor of the “New” Testament.

There is “ONE” Universe and “ONE G-D.” How simple is the language of the Creator.

Only mankind changes the language and paths.

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