Chayei Sarah

Time Period 5780 (2019).

Week of  November 17 (19 Cheshvan)- Shabbat November 23 (25 Cheshvan)

Bereishit (Genesis) 23:1 – 25:18

Haftarat – I Melachim (Kings) 1:1 – 31

Sara imenu – our matriarch Sara – was a woman of unparalleled beauty and spiritual strength, whose power of prophecy was greater, our sages teach us, than that of her husband Avraham. Yet, according to Midrash, she was ultimately felled by an enemy common to us all: the satan who feeds on our own fears and casts stumbling blocks along our way.

Old age, the blessing of wisdom conferred upon one who has lived his life with love and kindness towards others, a true recognition of G-d’s presence in the world, is a gift for all of us to acquire, thanks to Avraham, who beseeched G-d to grant him old age and the wisdom to recognize the sublime beauty with which his beloved wife Sara lived her life.


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