Time Frame: 5779 (2019)

Week of 3 Av (August 4) – Shabbat 9 Av (August 10)

Devarim (Deuteronomy) 1:1 — 3:22

Haftarat: Yeshayah (Isaiah) 1:1 – 27

How poignant, yet sweetly hopeful that this year the Torah reading of Devarim falls precisely on Tisha b’Av – the 10th of Av. On the very day of the destruction of the Holy Temple, Moshe rabbenu – Moses our master – speaks for the first time his own words of gentle rebuke. The failings of past generations become our own failings when we fail to correct them. Until we build the Holy Temple we are guilty of allowing its destruction.


29 Tammuz

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