Haftarat Korach

Shmuel (I Samuel) 11:14—12:22

14Then Shmuel said to the people, “Come and let us go to the Gilgal, and let us renew the kingdom there.”

15So all the people went to the Gilgal: There they made Saul king before HaShem in the Gilgal; and there they slaughtered feast peace-offerings before HaShem; and there Saul, as well as all the men of Yisra’el, rejoiced exceedingly.

1Then Shmuel said to all of Yisra’el, “Behold! I have hearkened to your voice, to everything that you have said to me, and I have crowned a king over you. 2And now, behold! – the king walks before you, but I have aged and become gray; and, my sons, here they are with you; and as for me, I have walked before you from my youth until this day. 3Here I am; testify about me in the presence of HaShem and in the presence of His anointed: Whose ox have I taken? – or whose donkey have I taken? – or whom have I robbed? – whom have I coerced? – or from whose hand have I taken redemption-money that I close my eyes to him? And I shall return [it] to you.”

4And they said, “You have not robbed us, and you have not coerced us, nor have you taken anything from anyone’s hand.”

5So he said to them, “HaShem is a witness about you, and His anointed is a witness this day, thay you have not found anything in my hand…”

And He said, “[I am] a witness!”

6And Shmuel said to the people, “…HaShem Who worked through Moshe and Aharon, and Who brought your forefathers up from the land of Mitzrayim (Egypt). 7And now, stand yourselves erect, and I shall be judged with you before HaShem with regard to all the righteous deeds that He has done with you and with your forefathers. 8When Yaakov had come to Mitzrayim and your forefathers cried out to HaShem, HaShem sent Moshe and Aharon, and they brought your forefathers out of Mitzrayim, and settled them in this place. 9But they forgot HaShem, their G-d, Who [in turn] gave them over into the hand of Sisera, general of the army of Hazor, and into the hand of the Philistines, and into the hand of the king of Moav, and they did battle with them. 10Then they cried out to HaShem, and said, ‘We have sinned! For we have forsaken HaShem and we have worshiped the Baal idols and the Ashtarot idols; but now, rescue us from the hand of our enemy, and we will worship You.’ 11So HaShem sent Yerubbaal (Gideon) and Bedan (Samson) and Jephthah and Shmuel, and He rescued you from the hand of your enemies from all around, so that you dwelt in safety. 12And when you saw that Nahash, king of the children of Ammon, came upon you, you said to me, ‘No! For a king shall reign over us!’ but HaShem, your G-d, is your King.

13“And now, behold! – the king whom you have chosen, whom you have requested; and behold! – HaShem has set a king over you. 14If you will fear HaShem, and worship Him, and hearken to His voice, and you will not rebel against the word of HaShem, but you and the king who reigns over you will follow after HaShem, your G-d…15But if you will not hearken to the voice of HaShem, and you will rebel against the word of HaShem, then HaShem’s hand will be against you and against your fathers. 16Even now, stand yourselves erect and see this great thing that HaShem will do before your eyes. 17Is not the harvest of the wheat today? – yet I shall call to HaShem and He will set forth thunder and rain, then you shall recognize and see that great is your wickedness that you have perpetrated before the eyes of HaShem, to request for yourselves a king.”

18Then Shmuel called to HaShem, and HaShem set forth thunder and rain on that day; and all the people greatly feared HaShem and Shmuel. 19All the people said to Shmuel, “Pray on behalf of your servants to HaShem, your G-d, that we not die; for we have added wickedness upon all of our sins, to request for ourselves a king.”

20So Shmuel said to the people, “Fear not; [though] you have done all this wickedness, nevertheless, do not turn away from following after HaShem, but serve HaShem with all your heart. 21And you shall not turn away to follow after the futility which cannot avail and cannot rescue, for they are futile. 22For HaShem shall not cast off his people for the sake of His great Name; for HaShem has sworn to make you for a people unto Him.”

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