Haftarah vaYeishev

Amos 2:6—3:8

6So said HaShem: For three rebellious sins of Yisra’el ― but should I not exact retribution for the fourth ― for their having sold a righteous man for silver, and destitute one for the sake of a pair of shoes? 7Those who yearn that the dust of the earth be upon the head of the poor, who twist the way of the humble! A man and his father come to the dame betrothed maiden, thereby profaning My Holy Name. 8They recline on garments held as security, right next to every altar; and they drink wine bought with unjustly levied fines in the temple of their gods.

9Yet I destroyed the Amorite before them, whose height was like the height of cedars and who was as strong as oak trees; I destroyed its fruits from above and it roots from below. 10And I brought you up from the land of Mitzrayim and led you in the Wilderness for forty years to inherit the land of the Amorite. 11From among your children I raised p prophets, and nazirites from you lads ― is this not so, O children of Yisra’el? ― the words of HaShem. 12But you caused the nazirites to drink wine, and you commanded the prophets, saying, “Do not prophesy!”

13Behold! ― I press you down in your place, as a wagon is pressed down when it is filled with sheaves. 14Flight will be lost to the fleet; the strong will not muster his courage; and the mighty will not escape with his life; 15he that grasps the bow will not stand fast; the fleet-footed one will not escape; and the horseman will not escape with his life. 16The most courageous of the heroes will flee naked on that day ― the words of HaShem.

Chapter 3

1Hear this thing that HaShem has spoken about you, O Children of Yisra’el, about the entire family that I have brought up from the land of Mitzrayim, saying: 2Only you have I loved of all the families of the earth, therefore will I recall upon you all you iniquities. 3Would two people walk together unless they have so arranged? 4Would a loin roar in the forest if he had no prey? 5Would a bird fall into a snare on the ground if there were no trap for it? Would a trap rise up from the ground unless it had a catch? 6If the shofar-alarm would sound in the city if HaShem had not caused it? 7For my Lord, HaShem/Elohim will do nothing without having reveled his secret to His servants the prophets.

8A loin has roared ― who would not fear? My Lord HaShem/Elohim has spoken ― who would not prophesy?

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