Lech L’Cha

Time Period 5780 (2019).

Week of 5 Cheshvan (November 3) – Shabbat 11Cheshvan (November 9)

Bereishit (Genesis) 12:1 – 17:27

Haftarat – Yeshiyahu (Isaiah) 40:27 – 41:16

The book of Genesis opens, and the generations of man just whir by. By the time the reading of Lech Lecha begins twenty generations have passed. And then the pace slows down as Torah begins to describe the life and work of our father Avraham. What made Avraham unique? How was he different from all those that had come before him? Why was G-d pleased with Avraham?

Avraham Avinu bursts upon the scene of world history, fighting for G-d’s name. Self-titled kings band together to try to take Avraham out and to rid the world of G-d once and for all. But you cannot defeat the King of kings, and being allied to the one true G-d puts our father Avraham in the proverbial catbird seat.


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