Time Period 5780 (2019).

Week of 24 Kislev (December 22) — Shabbat 30 Kislev (December 28)

Bereishit (Genesis) 41:1—44:17

Haftarat: Zechariah (Zecharaiah) 2:14—4:7

For years Yaakov thought that his beloved son Yosef was dead, torn asunder by wild beasts. Or did he? Our sages, basing their insights on a close reading of the Torah verses, have reason to believe that Yaakov knew in his heart that Yosef was alive. But he also knew that as a father he was unable to interfere in the Divine plan that was unfolding.

How strong is the bond between a parent and a child? A father and a son? Yaakov could not be comforted by Yosef’s loss. Just what did Yaakov know concerning Yosef’s apparent demise? Why was there a “conspiracy of silence” surrounding Yosef’s disappearance?


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