Week of 6 Sivan (June 09)—Shabbat 12 Sivan (June 15) 5779

BaMidbar (Numbers) 4:21—7:89

Haftarat: Judges 13:2—25

Out in the desert the nation of Israel is instructed to set up her encampments around all four sides of the Tabernacle. This is not merely to provide equal access for all the tribes to the Tabernacle, nor is it merely for the purpose of defending the Tabernacle from outside threats, as essential as each of these things are. The Tabernacle was stationed at the heart of the nation so that the entire nation and all its individuals would embody its principle of holiness and embrace the challenge of making holy our lives even when outside the courtyards of the Holy Temple.

From the Levitical responsibilities in the Tabernacle, to the ‘wayward’ woman and the Nazir, to the priestly blessing first uttered by Aharon, to the identical gifts to G-d brought to the altar by the heads of all twelve tribes, parashat Naso is all about G-d’s embracing His people and all the challenges that face them day after day.


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