Time Frame: 5779 (2018)

Week of 28 TISHREI (October 7) – Shabbat 4 CHESHVAN (October 13)
Bereishit (Genesis) 6:9 – 11:32
Haftarat – Yeshiyahu (Isaiah) 66:1 – 24

Noach, the innovator, the preacher, the builder, the savior of mankind, was, indeed, a vast and complex personality. In both his strengths and his tragic foibles, he proved very much to be a figure recognizable in our day. While he may have been a righteous man in his generation alone, the breadth and depth of his character make him a giant for all times.

A generation so evil, so corrupt, decadent, violent, so self centered that G-d, Who created and loved their forefather Adam, could not suffer their depravity and swore their utter destruction. This is the generation of the flood, the generation of Noach.

Fast forward five thousand years to the present and you will witness a generation every bit as iniquitous as that of Noach. Is man preparing his own extinction? Where is today’s ark that will rescue the righteous?

Weekly Torah Portion: Noach – YouTube w/Rabbi Chaim Richman.

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