Parsha Be’Ha’Alotekha Aliyah 3

BaMidbar (Numbers) 9:1-14

1HaShem spoke to Moshe, in the Wilderness of Sinai, in the second year from their exodus from the land of Egypt, in the first month, saying: 2“The Children of Yisra’el shall make the pesach-offering in its appointed time. 3On the fourteenth day of this month in the afternoon shall you make it, in its appointed time; according to all its decrees and laws shall you make it.”

4Moshe. spoke to the Children of Yisra’el to make the pesach-offering. 5They made the pesach-offering in the first (month), on the fourteenth day of the month, in the afternoon, in the Wilderness of Sinai; according to everything that HaShem had commanded Moshe, so the Children of Yisra’el did.

6There were men who had been contaminated by a human corpse and could not make the pesach-offering on that day; so they approached Moshe and Aharon on that day. 7Those men said to him, “We are contaminated through a human corpse; why should we be diminished by not offering HaShem’s offering in its appointed time among the Children of Yisra’el?”

8Moshe said to them, “Stand and I will hear what HaShem will command you.”

9HaShem spoke to Moshe, saying, 10“Speak to the Children of Yisra’el, saying: If any man will become contaminated  through a human corpse or on a distant road, whether you or your generations, he shall make the pesach-offering for HaShem, 11in the second month, on the fourteenth day, in the afternoon, shall they make it; with matzos and bitter herbs shall they eat it. 12They shall not leave over from it until morning nor shall they break a bone of it; like all the decrees of the pesach-offering shall they make it. 13But a man who is pure and was not on the road and had refrained from making the pesach-offering, that soul shall be cut off from its people, for he had not offered HaShem’s offering in its appointed time; that man will bear his sin. 14When a convert shall dwell with you, and he shall make a pesach-offering to HaShem, according to the decree of the pesach-offering and its law, so shall he do; one decree shall be for you, for the proselyte and the native of the land.

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