Parsha Korach Aliyah 4

BaMidbar (Numbers) 17:9-15

9HaShem spoke to Moshe, saying, 10“Remove yourselves from among this assembly and I shall destroy them in an instant!”  They fell on their faces.

11Moshe said to Aharon, “Take the fire-pan and put on it fire from upon the Altar and place incense – and take (it) quickly to the assembly and provide atonement for them, for fury has gone out from the presence of HaShem; the plague has begun!

12Aharon took as Moshe had spoken and ran to the midst of the congregation, and behold! the plague had begun among the people. He placed the incense and provided atonement for the people. 13He stood between the dead and the living, and the plague was checked. 14Those who died in the plague were fourteen thousand, seven hundred, aside from those who died because of the affair of Korah. Aharon returned to Moshe at the entrance of the Tent of Assembly, and the plague had been checked.

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