Parsha miKeits Aliyah 1

Bereishit (Genesis) 41:1—14

Chapter 41
1It happened at the end of two years to the day: Pharaoh was dreaming that behold! ― he was standing over the River, 2when behold! out of the River there emerged seven cows, of beautiful appearance and robust flesh, and they were grazing in the marshland. 3Then behold! ― seven other cows emerged after them out of the River ― of ugly appearance and gaunt flesh; and they stood next to the cows on the bank of the River. 4The cows of ugly appearance and gaunt flesh ate the seven cows of beautiful appearance and robust, and Pharaoh awoke. 5He fell asleep and dreamt a second time, and behold! seven ears of grain were sprouting on a single stalk ― healthy and good. 6And behold! seven ears, thin, and scorched by the east wind, were growing after them. 7Then the seven thin ears swallowed up the seven healthy and full ears; Pharaoh awoke and behold! ― it had been a dream.

8And it was in the morning: His spirit was agitated, so he sent and summoned all the necromancers of Mitzrayim and all its wise men; Pharaoh related the dream to them, but none could interpret them for Pharaoh.

9Then the Chamberlain of the Cupbearers spoke up before Pharaoh, “My transgressions do I mention today. 10Pharaoh had become incensed at his servants and placed me in the ward of the house of the Chamberlain of the Butchers ― me and the Chamberlain of the Bakers. 11We dreamt a dream on the same night, I and he; each one accordingly to the interpretation of his dream did we dream. 12And there, with us, was a Hebrew youth, a slave of the Chamberlain of the Butchers, we related it to him, and he interpreted for each in accordance with his dream. 13And it was that just as he interpreted for us did it happen; me he restored to my post and him he hanged.”

14So Pharaoh sent and summoned Yosef, and they rushed him from the dungeon. He shaved and changed his clothes , and he came to Pharaoh.

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