Parsha Terumah Aliyah 5

Shmot (Exodus) 26:31—37

31You shall make a Partition of turquoise, purple, and scarlet wool, and linen, twisted; a weaver’s craft he shall make it, with a woven design of cherubim. 32You shall place it upon four pillars of acacia wood, plated with gold with hooks of gold, upon four silver sockets. 33You shall put the Partition under the hooks. You shall bring there, inside the Partition, the Ark of the Testimonial-tablets, and the Partition shall separate for you between the Holy and the Holy of Holies.

34You shall put the Cover upon the Ark of the Testimonial-tablets in the Holy of the Holies. 35You shall place the Table outside the Partition, and the Menorah opposite the Table on the south side of the Tabernacle, and the Table you shall place on the north side.

36You shall make a Screen for the entrance of the Tent, of turquoise, purple, and scarlet wool, and twisted linen; an embroiderer’s craft. 37You shall make for the Screen five pillars of acacia wood and cover them with gold, and their hooks shall be gold; and you shall cast for them five sockets of copper.

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