Time Period 5779 (2019).

Week of 5 Adar 1 (February 10) — Shabbat 11 Adar 1 (February 16)

Sefer Sh’mot (Exodus) 27:20-30:10

I Shmuel 15:2-34

Shabbat Ends 7:10-cst

Clothes make the man. This old saw is certainly applicable to the case of the kohen gadol – the high priest and his garments of glory and splendor. The garments themselves possess an intrinsic holiness. Their detailed components each can effect an atonement for the vast array of human failings.

The kohen gadol, when wearing the garments and achieving a level of self-conscious identification with the human character common to all of us, can open up a window of atonement and spiritual realignment through will we all can emerge enhanced and ennobled, if we but take hold of the moment.


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