Time Period 5779 (2019).

Week of 19 Adar I (February 24)—Shabbat 25 Adar I (March 2)

Sh’mot (Exodus) 35:1—38:20

Haftarah: I Melechim (I Kings) 7:40—50

Haftarah according to Sefard custom add:

I Melechim (I Kings) 7:23—26

What’s new in the world? What’s new in your life? Moshe gathers all Israel together before him and reveals to them two things that never grow old and never get stale, but are always fresh and new, and spectacularly always in the moment, in a forever sort of way: the Holy Shabbat and the Tabernacle – the Holy Temple. Keep it new – that’s G-d’s plan!


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