Time Period 5780 (2020).

Week of 8 Tevet (January 5) — Shabbat 14 Tevet (January 11)

Bereishit (Genesis) 47:28 — 50:26

Haftarat: I Kings 2:1-12

When Yaakov asks of Yosef “Who are these?” it is not because his eyes are dim or that he does not know Yosef’s sons intimately. It is because in his prophetic mind’s eye he see the boys’ greatness in the future redemption of Israel, which is taking place today. His words are not a question but an exclamation of sublime joy and approval.

In his final moments Yaakov avinu gathered his children round him to reveal to them the end of days. While his words concerning this are not recorded in Torah, he did reveal to his sons the secret of receiving G-d’s blessing and bounty in the end of days: unity as brothers. Unity as a people.


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