Time Period 5780 (2019).

Week of 17 Kislev (December 15) — Shabbat 23 Kislev (December 21)

Bereishit (Genesis) 37:1—40:23

Haftarat  Amos 2:6—3:8

Have you ever felt utterly and completely alone? Yosef must have. He was separated from his loving father and his brothers wanted to kill him. Ultimately he was thrown in a pit filled with scorpions and snakes and then sold to some passing Ishmaelites, who in turn sold him into slavery. Yet we’re never alone, and if our hearts are turned to G-d, we will identify His fingerprint upon our lives.

Just beyond the sound and fury of living life in a world determined by free will and the constant struggle between our lesser urges and our better judgement, is G-d’s will and His divine plan, moving behind the scenes, making it happen. That man who just told you how to get to where you need to be going, was he a man or an angel? Or both?


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