Time Period 5780 (2019-2020).

Week of 1 Tevet (December 29) — Shabbat 7 Tevet (January 4 )

Bereishit (Genesis) 44:18—47:27

Haftarat for vaYigash
Ezekiel 37:15—15:28

His brothers were in shock when Yosef said “I am Yosef,” thereby removing from their eyes the blinders preventing them from seeing

G-d’s presence in every moment and in every action. So startled were they that they could not respond, they could not comprehend. Their souls left them. How much greater would be the shock were G-d to reveal His presence to us in one single moment. Therefore He reveals His great light one glimpse at a time, even as the Geula redemption marches ever forward.


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