Time Period 5779 (2019).

Week of 14 Sh’vat (January 20) — Shabbat 20 Sh’vat (January 26)

Sh’mot (Exodus) 18:1 — 20:23

Haftarat:  Yeshiyahu (Isaiah) 6:1—13; 7:1—6; 9:5—6

G-d brought Israel out of Egypt to lead them to freedom. He also brought them out to serve Him. Are they free or are they the servants of G-d? Or are they both? Fifty days after leaving Egypt, as Israel receives Torah at Sinai, the shofars are sounded, signifying that this is indeed a Jubilee redemption for Israel. Bound to G-d – Free at last!

Weekly Torah Portion: Yitro w/Rabbi Chaim Richman

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